Medicaid & Long Term Care

It is crucial that you talk to an experienced elder law attorney to get a personalized plan for your loved one.

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Personalized Planning

It is a scary time to deal with the many issues of a loved one needing skilled nursing or long-term care. Our experienced team at Ishihara & Parker Law Firm PLLC will help you solve:

  • What Care is Best for Your Loved One
  • How to Pay for Their Care
  • What Assets in Texas are Countable vs Exempt/Protected
  • How to Use a Qualified Income or Miller's Trust if You are Over Income
  • How to Protect Your Assets from Medicaid Estate Recovery, Including Your Home Using a Ladybird Deed.

where to start

There is a lot of bad information that our clients hear about their ability to receive Medicaid benefits and what they can do to protect their assets.

The experienced elder law attorneys at Ishihara & Parker Law Firm PLLC can help guide your family through those questions.

Check out our Medicaid Checklist here.

Check out our Medicaid 2022 Eligibility Numbers here.

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Will i lose my house if I need skilled nursing?
How can I protect my Beneficiaries?
Will I pay Inheritance or Estate Taxes?
How can I best include charitable beneficiaries or my church in my estate plan?

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Don't delay in having our experienced and compassionate team review your Medicaid or long-term care needs today!